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The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan

Here's What Our Family Law Clients Are Saying

Choosing a divorce or child custody attorney can be a very personal process and decision. To make your choice easier, here are a few great things our past clients have said about us!

Paul is a terrific attorney. He has helped me and my referrals with both Personal Injury issues after accidents to nasty divorce situations. He is a great advocate and a caring person. I highly recommend his as a lawyer.


I called in a panic, not sure which path to take and I received candid, straight-forward and comforting advice. And it worked! If I ever get in a pickle again, I'm defiantly coming back here.

Caroline S.

I was in an accident, where a car swerved and hit me yet the police report determined I was at fault. The other driver was driving with no insurance and a suspended license. There was bone damage to my shoulder. I figured I'd never get anything, and called Paul with very low hope.

Paul was able to track down a policy that was covering the vehicle (through the wife of the driver), share the testimony collected by witnesses, and work with their insurance company and we settled for the maximum their policy allowed. He and his paralegal Mandy worked hard at this and I'm grateful.  

He was even generous enough to give me some pro bono non personal injury legal advice on divorce. What a guy!

Thank you Paul!

Gabriel D.

I believe that one should always know, trust and build a relationship with a good mechanic, attorney, accountant and therapist.  I wish I would have found Paul Nathan sooner when seeking advice on a family court matter.  I went to Paul to discuss how to handle a situation regarding custody and left knowing I received excellent and realistic advice.  He provided a methodical approach to how he would handle an issue with detailed steps on how to complete.  I left knowing I found my go-to attorney if I should ever need representation in the future.  Do yourself a favor and go to Paul if you need someone who will provide the best representation for your case and do it with confidence and compassion.


Paul Nathan is a tremendous asset to the Northern California community. I contacted his office for a "second opinion",  and even though I am out his immediate area of practice, he and his staff took time out of their schedules to make time to listen to my concerns. His strength, wisdom and reassurance gave me the confidence to move forward. Dealing with legal matters is a time of great stress in anyone's life, and having an attorney like Mr. Nathan on your side is invaluable

Jodi S.

Paul Nathan is one of the most talented, articulate and professional attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of hiring. I have a son with special needs, and have hired him to have my son's child support modified for his additional medical, school and daily care costs. Paul has been seamless throughout the process. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Kimberly A.

Paul Nathan impressed me from the moment I met him with his professionalism and approachability. I was nervous about using a lawyer but he totally put me at ease and made me feel comfortable talking about my situation. I had been caught off guard with a child custody issue over the holidays. Even during this hectic time of year Paul made sure that if I needed some extra hand-holding or clarification, he was there to explain everything thoroughly. He was totally present and attentive throughout every conversation we had during this very nerve-wracking time for me. I often found myself feeling anxious and panicky but Paul was calm and reassured me through the whole process.   I am so grateful that I found him. I I would recommend him to any and all of my friends and family- not that I would wish they were ever in a situation like mine! 

Oh, and if you have time while in his neighborhood, grab some amazing food at Cotogna while you process details about your particular case!

Maki K.

I first met Paul Nathan 8 years ago at Law School. He was an absolutely amazing mentor and an even better attorney. I run into him from time to time at the courts and he is always sharply dressed, has a positive attitude, and is a nice guy. I cannot say enough good things about Divorce attorney Nathan!

Bob M. - fellow attorney

Paul is one of the most straight-forward, honest, sharp and caring attorneys I have met. From the moment I sat down with him in his office to discuss my matter, I felt safe, and well taken care of. He is the best advocate any person could ever have for getting the results you want in court. His results speak for themselves, but on top of the results is that Paul is a really good person who truly cares about his clients, and will go to bat for you with his passion, integrity, and tactical brilliance fully engaged.

Gina K.

Paul Nathan is the exactly the type of lawyer I was looking for to help me navigate the stressful and challenging divorce and child support process. His manner is very warm and kind yet, at the same time, he exudes confidence and knowledge around family law. He helped me to understand what to expect from the court process and what steps to take prior to going to court. I feel a sense of relief knowing my case is in good hands and highly recommend Paul to any woman who is faced with the daunting challenge of divorce.

Christie K.

My husband is a drug addict. He has become violent lately because of his drug addiction. I spoke with Paul and he explained to me that my husband was having psychological issues due to his drug addiction. Paul really was there to help me through this tough time and helped me out of an abusive marriage.

Miranda L.

"Paul’s professional advice and insight into the nuances of the settlement process proved invaluable in my case.  He is an astute and knowledgeable attorney.  Paul is an excellent resource to have on your side."


“Paul offered professional guidance despite my having to contract for his time. He was nimble in his advice and delicately laid out the law as it concerned my personal situation. I would rely on his expert advice in the future.”

Sunny T.

“I recently referred a patient of mine to Paul Nathan.  She has been representing herself in a custody battle with her ex-husband, an attorney.  The entire process was difficult and she was struggling to successfully defend herself against her ex-husband's arguments.  We spoke shortly after her conversation with Paul.  She had regained confidence in her situation and was incredibly grateful for the referral.”

Miranda T.

"When I found myself in a legal dilemma that required reaching an agreement with someone with whom I was in complete disagreement, I realized I was at risk of losing a great deal more than just money ...  with Paul Nathan as my attorney, I believe I got the best possible settlement I could have hoped for.  His ability to remain at ease and in control throughout the negotiations helped me to stand fast on those terms that I felt strongly about... his expert understanding of the legal process as well as his ability to recognize the tricks and tactics known only to a seasoned insider was most reassuring… even during the most stressful moments, he was able get me grounded and gently guide my thinking back to where I needed to focus. 

In the days after the settlement had been reached, Paul stayed available to help me through the process and to make sure that the terms of the agreement were being met... all in all, I feel very fortunate to have been represented by Paul Nathan and I would highly recommend his services."

Cathy C.

"Paul was amazing to work with. He is so very personable and completely professional. The immediate relief I felt after I first spoke with him was of immeasurable value. He turned a potential disaster into an outcome that was more than favorable and completely satisfying.  Without any reservation, I highly recommend his services.”


Juli H.

I brought a case to trial lawyers Mary Dumont and Paul Nathan with two weeks lead-time prior to trial. It was a pleasure to work with them. They helped me become reinvigorated about my long, drawn out case (5 years) finally headed to a jury trial. The defense went from offering peanuts to settling the night before trial for more than I thought possible of achieving because the defense was afraid of taking on Mary and Paul. The defense lawyers were afraid of what Mary and Paul added to the case.

Michael K.

Paul Nathan is one of the most passionate lawyers I've ever interviewed. Great guy to have in your corner!


Paul helped me when my husband left me and refused to pay any type of child support or health insurance for our daughter. Paul kept telling me to keep my head up and we get through this together. And, we did. I am very happy with his legal representation and his straightforward manner in assessing and explaining to me my legal situation. My ex husband now has been forced to pay me child support and provide my daughter and me with health care.


Excellent professional service on multiple levels of law backed by years of experience and family history. Paul has represented both my businesses and personal matters for several years and has always delivered the results I wanted. High recommendation! 

E. H., San Francisco, CA

This law firm is great. I recommend it to any one who needs legal needs very professional and knowledgeable. I am very please to hired Paul Nathan for my legal needs and I will continue to do so in the future.

RH, San Francisco, CA

I’ve worked with Paul for just a short time now but he is a great attorney I would highly recommend. He is awesome at client relations and really works hard to learn everything he can about a case.

KM, San Francisco, CA