Do you ever feel overwhelmed handling all aspects of your case? Do you want a fresh perspective on your case to make sure you are not missing anything? Tired of nothing happening on your case due to opposing counsel’s incompetence or do nothing strategy? Do you want to move your case along?

This happens no matter how great of lawyer you may be.

We are here to help.

Paul Nathan assists attorneys in the midst of litigation focus on the big picture and keep the important issues at the center of the case while also seeking the information needed to achieve the best settlement or trial verdict for your client.

You are a good lawyer if you’re reading this page. However, even the best attorneys need a fresh set of eyes to review the case’s strategy. We can provide that fresh review and create a strategy for prevailing.

Every discovery request, deposition question, and letter must have a purpose, aimed at meeting your litigation goals, and assist you in winning. 

Bogged Down with Abusive Counsel

Unfortunately, opposing counsel are often abusive towards you, your client and the discovery process. We can help. You do not need to accept an obnoxious opposing counsel without showing them the repercussions for their obstructionist conduct.

Is your opposing counsel refusing to provide adequate and proper discovery responses and/or produce documents and/or objecting nonsensically in a deposition?

Do not put up with this unruly behavior!

Paul Nathan has written for the state bar, lectured to bar associations, and consulted on the drafting of § 128.5 motion to sanction opposing counsel personally for their abusive litigation tactics.

Don’t be stuck on the defense, go on the offense against obstreperous opposing counsel whether it be a personal injury, family law or any other civil litigation matter.

Templates Provided to You for Use in this Case and all others.

We freely share the templates Mr. Nathan has created over the years fighting against insurance companies, banks, debt collectors, and other types of opposing counsel. We have discovery you can use and we will either prepare for you or show you how to craft discovery to focus on pulling out the information you need to support your case, strike affirmative defenses, and expose meritless claims or defenses.

Preparing Discovery and Deposition Preparation

Often times in the whirlwind of litigation it is easy to lose focus on your case and become overwhelmed with your deadlines in this and other cases while also preparing targeted discovery as well as deposition questions and outlines.

Paul Nathan will take your case and, along with you, narrow the focus of your discovery to only ask what you actually need. Every question and discovery request should have a purpose. You should not do what others do and ask questions, propound discovery just for the sake of doing so.

Make your discovery requests and deposition questions mean something, have a purpose, and be effective.

Strategy Plan

Again, everything you do in your case must be for a purpose and move you towards winning.

For years Paul Nathan has been consulting with both clients and their attorneys on creating an effective strategy with the focus on meeting the client’s goals.

We can help you create a successful plan strategy whether it be the timing of discovery when you want to take the depositions, or determining what useful information you want from the other side that assists you in prevailing in your client’s case.

We are here for you

Our office and resources are here to assist you in winning your case and making it easier to manage all of your responsibility so you can focus on prevailing.