Paul Nathan will assist you in developing your theme of the case, deciding what evidence is required, narrowing down the focus, preparing witnesses, conducting jury research, providing templates for legal filings, developing voir dire, opening, direct and cross-examinations, closing arguments, valuable insights and message clarity.

Our office is here to make the trial preparation and actual trial as easy as possible by keeping everything organized, easy to understand, and effective. A trial can be stressful and overwhelming. However, Paul Nathan is here to bring a winning calm to your case.

We also will advise you on what animations, blow-ups, and witness reenactments will be helpful to lead you toward winning.

We help personal injury plaintiffs, litigants in family law matters, arbitrations, probate, and all other civil disputes.*

We can also aid in preparing effective mediation briefs with eye-grabbing exhibits to assist you in achieving a top settlement offer.

You will also need to have your damages present and convey your client’s damages in an organized and interesting way to catch the attention of the mediator, arbitrator, jury, or judge.

We are here to provide you with a new perspective on how to present your case and assist you on the road to preparing and presenting a winning trial.

We first discuss the theme of your case and then move to the applicable elements and damages that must be shown to win.

Paul then works with you on how to produce your case through various forms of evidence including witness testimony. He will work with you on discovering what 3rd party witnesses are available to you, often the most important witnesses.

Moreover, Paul will work with you on preparing effective examinations and exhibits that will keep your jury or judge focused on your case and prevailing against the other side.

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