I contacted Mr. Nathan's office in a panic because my limited scope attorney told us he wasn't going to appear at a settlement hearing in 2 days and would send someone else in his place!   I was transferred to his paralegal Mandy who is incredible!   She listened to me, calmed me and just about brought me to tears with her kindness.   Within 5 minutes, Paul got on the phone and spent a good 45 minutes talking to me.  

Mr. Nathan  understood how flipped out I was and explained exactly what was going to happen at the hearing and how to handle it.   I learned more from him in that conversation than from conversations with my other attorneys during the 1 year of going through the divorce.

I cannot say enough good about Paul Nathan and Mandy.  I will say this.  Had I found Paul Nathan when I first sought an attorney,  I know I would have never gone through the hell I went through. It is comforting to know that Mr. Nathan graces the realm of Bay Area divorce attorneys.  I simply cannot say enough good about his office nor find the words to language how exceptional my experience was other than "Absolutely Amazing"!!

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