Are you an attorney who has been handling cases where the insurance company or opposing counsel are not taking you seriously? Not making any decent settlement offers?

Or, are you defending a case where the opposing counsel and/or opposing party are not taking you seriously? 

Note:  Paul Nathan does not work for insurance companies.

Then, talk to Paul Nathan. Mr. Nathan handles generally around only 6 cases at any one time. The reason is, he wants to have the time to dedicate to a case and prepare the case properly. 

We handle cases in all areas of civil litigation including but not limited to personal injury, breach of contract, probate, domestic violence (both restraining order trials and civil domestic violence cases), all aspects of the trial in family law courts, etc….

We take such a small number of cases so that Mr. Nathan can fully dedicate himself to each case. He will get to know you and your client, as well as friends, do because he immerses himself in the case. 

Our philosophy is that every case is unique, that no two are ever the same. As a result, the case needs to be cared for and learned about. 
Paul handles cases of all sizes, large and small, depending on the nature of the case. He serves as trial counsel, litigation consultant, or trial consultant. 

Some of the attorneys who come to us want ample involvement in the case while others would prefer to be in the background. Some lawyers want to learn how to try a case while others would like a capable co-counsel. 

Regardless, our office takes pride in the work we perform and the product we produce. 

Paul begins preparing every case from day one of his involvement no matter where in the life of the case is when he comes onto a case. This preparation sends a message to opposing counsel that we are determined to try our case; that we are taking this case seriously and intend to win. The result is often settlement. 

More than once, Paul co-counsels on a case the defense has pontificated is going to trial. Then, the other side wants to mediate once Paul comes in.

Often attorneys in a specialty such as probate or family law need an experienced trial attorney to handle the trial while the originating attorney is well versed in the law.

Trials are about the story, no matter who you are trying the case to, jury or bench trial.

Trial is scary but have one of the top trial attorneys in California on your case; a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and rated as 1 of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the State of California by the National Trial Lawyers.

You are not alone and reinforcements are on the way.