Your Initial Contact with Our Office

Generally, you will call in and speak to our paralegal about your legal matter. She will take down your contact information and the basic facts about your case.  This call usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

For example, we will need to know the county where the court is located for your case.

Afterwards, if our paralegal and you both agree, we will schedule a consultation for you to meet with Mr. Nathan either in person or via phone. We will also email you an intake form to fill out providing us more information on your case, your goals in your case and what concerns or worries you about your case.

Your Initial Meeting with Mr. Nathan – What to Expect

Mr. Nathan uses your intake form to prepare for the meeting so your time with him is utilized most effectively. We feel it is incredibly frustrating to meet with an attorney who knows nothing about your case and, therefore, is not prepared to discuss strategy with you immediately.

An attorney who is unprepared to discuss the details of your case with you immediately at your initial meeting is a red flag and likely provides you insight into that lawyer’s attitude and lack of diligence he/she will employ towards you and your case.

Determining if our office is best for you

We do not accept a client unless Mr. Nathan feels we are the best law office to represent you. Reason being, you and our office will be working together on your case. It is your case and only you know the specifics of what happened to give rise to your case. Additionally, you are the client and only you can decide if you want to settle your case or proceed to trial. Therefore, we need to know that we will have a strong working relationship with you to achieve success in your case.

Therefore, we must feel comfortable working with you as well as you comfortable working with our team. It is not a good fit if you are not comfortable working with us and us with you. That only hurts your chances of prevailing in your case.

Action Plan for Your Specific Case

Our goal is for you to leave your initial consultation with an action plan, a plan mapping out the steps to achieve your goals in your case. Everything in your case must be done to progress towards achieving your goals. And, an action plan is needed to map the route to achieve success.

We Agree to Work with You and You Agree to Work with Us – What’s next?

The next step is for you and Mr. Nathan to review and sign a fee agreement. Mr. Nathan will review the fee agreement with you and answer any and all questions you may have on the agreement.

Then, we start working on your case with the agreed upon action plan.