Paul Nathan impressed me from the moment I met him with his professionalism and approachability. I was nervous about using a lawyer but he totally put me at ease and made me feel comfortable talking about my situation. I had been caught off guard with a child custody issue over the holidays. Even during this hectic time of year Paul made sure that if I needed some extra hand-holding or clarification, he was there to explain everything thoroughly. He was totally present and attentive throughout every conversation we had during this very nerve-wracking time for me. I often found myself feeling anxious and panicky but Paul was calm and reassured me through the whole process.   I am so grateful that I found him. I I would recommend him to any and all of my friends and family- not that I would wish they were ever in a situation like mine! 

Oh, and if you have time while in his neighborhood, grab some amazing food at Cotogna while you process details about your particular case!

Maki K.