Short answer, yes.

For example, I have conducted consultations for divorce cases with women I see all the time in the small town I live and work in, Tiburon, California.

I have had some of these women come up to me and introduce me to their friends. However, I never approach them because they may not want anyone to know they consulted with me. But that is my policy. Some women even tell me later they thought I was rude for not stopping to talk to them! I explain to them that I have learned to keep a low profile when around women I have consulted with or represent.

Importantly, make sure to tell the lawyer you are consulting with that the meeting, even the fact it took place, should be kept confidential. You cannot rely on the consulting attorney knowing that the consultation should remain confidential.

California Law About Confidentiality 

Nonetheless, California law is clear, a lawyer has a statutory duty to “maintain inviolate the confidence, and at every peril to himself or herself to preserve” client secrets. On the other hand, you may have heard of the attorney-client privilege. However, the duty to maintain a client’s confidence (confidential information) is a far broader duty.

Put another way, we, attorneys have a duty to maintain not only what you tell us but the fact you met with us. This is even more true when you tell the consulting attorney that you’re meeting with him/her must be kept confidential.

Please know, this is not a special rule just for divorce or litigation attorneys. The rule to keep a client’s information and secrets confidential applies to all lawyers.

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