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  • Husband refused to pay any of his recent stock options arguing he received them after the date of separation. Paul argued that the true date of separation was after receiving the options and prepared for trial. Paul was going to subpoena the CEO of Husband's company to testify because the CEO saw the couple together at company events after Husband's alleged date of separation. Basically, Husband's date of separation was made up because he did not want to give Wife her portion of the shares. Result, Husband relented when he knew Paul was serious about trying this case and paid out in excess of $10,000,000 in stock shares and real estate.
    Big Win on Date of Separation
  • Paul and his client attended a settlement conference where the husband was demanding three years of support while he returned to school for his pilots license. Paul and his client said no way and held strong. The result was that Husband accepted support for 6 months, not three years.
    Gigantic Spousal Support Savings for Wife
  • The Plaintiff in a fraudulent Marvin action seeking palimony dismisses her case a day before trial when she realizes Paul will try the case and expose her deception.
  • $175,000 Settlement for a passenger without filing a lawsuit! Drunk teenager hits a tree with three passengers in his car. The first passenger settled for $3,500. Paul represented another passenger and received $175,000 for his client without even having to file a lawsuit.
  • Paul and his client won where his client was attacked at high school and bullied on Facebook
    $300K + $300
  • 5-Year Restraining Protecting Wife from Crazy Husband! 5 Year Domestic Violence Restraining Order.
  • Policy Limit Payment on Motorcycle Crash Policy Limit Settlement where the police haphazardly blamed our client

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