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The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan

Cases We Accept: Family Law for Women and "No-Fault" Personal Injury

If you are a woman seeking help and answers on family law issues you can count on The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan. Our law firm exclusively represents women in divorce, custody and support proceedings.

We also handle cases involving serious injuries caused by another person's negligence including car accidents and pedestrian and cyclist injuries throughout the San Francisco area.


Filing for divorce in San Francisco can get messy if you do not have the right legal representation. Paul Nathan helps women throughout the Bay Area and will handle everything from preparing and filing a petition and summons, to fighting on your behalf in court to be sure you are treated fairly when it comes to child custody, spousal support, and division of assets.

Child Custody

Child custody is a huge issue for many families in California, and the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan work hard to make sure children are well cared for. Whether you're seeking joint legal custody, or sole physical custody, we will ensure that you are properly represented in court.

Child Support

Child support was instituted to allow children to be provided for, regardless of a custody situation. The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan represent parents involved in child support situations that require the legal support and knowledge of a family law professional.

Spousal Support

Child support is not the only kind of support to result from a divorce; spousal support may also be necessary as well. Spousal support, also called alimony, is often a part of divorce cases where one spouse makes significantly more money than the other spouse. The courts want to see both partners leave their marriage with the ability to maintain the standard of living they were used to before the separation.

Asset Planning

Complimentary Asset Protection & Estate Plan Review Post-Divorce

Many of us experience life changing events which can trigger the need to update our personal and/or business planning objectives. Going through a divorce or receiving a substantial settlement from a lawsuit are two important events which should lead to a fresh look at your planning needs.

Asset protection and estate planning is the process of organizing all of your personal and business affairs and assets in order to protect yourself.

The goal of putting a plan in place is to get Organized, Updated and Protected!

At BarthCalderon we offer a complimentary asset protection and estate plan review. Our founder, Harry Barth is a TOP SPEAKER on asset protection and estate planning to the largest CEO member organization in the country. We help many individuals and families with planning objectives which range from a simple will and trust to more complex planning needs. Our complimentary review is conducted by experts at our firm who will study your personal situation and provide you with a personalized asset protection and estate planning blueprint. Your personalized blueprint will help you to get Organized, Updated and Protected with all of your planning needs.The areas covered by our review include but are not limited to the following:

  • Updating wills & trusts
  • Protect liquid funds: stocks, bonds, cash
  • Life insurance protection
  • Tax preparation and advice
  • Asset protection from potential creditors

To take advantage of the BarthCalderon, LLP complimentary asset protection and estate planning review, use the link below to schedule a call with, Paul Hitchcock. He will be happy to tell you all about the review. You can also call or email Paul directly, 415-577-4685.

Paul Hitchcock - Director Business Development

BarthCalderon, LLP

[email protected]

CLICK HERE to pick a time to talk with Paul and then Harry Barth, Esq.


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