As a wealthy woman, you are concerned that your husband will take you to the cleaners after your San Francisco divorce. With spousal support, separation of assets, and the expense of divorce, you are rightly justified in worrying. However, there’s a good chance that the results will be better than you expect.

Women Often Make Out Better After Divorce

  • According to the Spectrem Group, a financial consulting firm that conducts monthly surveys, 62 percent of high-income women (worth $1 million or more) believe they’ve benefitted financially from divorce. What may surprise you is that they aren’t better off because of any money received from their ex-husbands.

Why They Benefit

  • According to the study, divorced women begin managing their money instead of leaving the job to their ex-spouses. Because of this, they become more familiar and knowledgeable about investments. Some believe they make better choices with their money than their exes did, so they have improved their financial situations.

Play it Safe

  • Having a financial team behind you is essential during a divorce. Unless you are completely experienced and feel extremely comfortable, don’t take on all of the tasks yourself. Hiring an investor to keep an eye on your money or taking a class that explains the ins and out of finances is a good idea.

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