You are about to get married when, in the midst of planning your wedding, someone asks you if you have a prenuptial agreement. You aren’t really sure what they cover and wonder if you need one. Here, a San Francisco prenup lawyer discusses what is included in prenuptial agreements.

Distinguish Who Gets What

  • A prenup can address what you and your spouse want should your marriage end. For instance, you can state if you want the house, a vacation property, and so on. Deciding these issues now can make the divorce process a lot easier and quicker.

Prevent Responsibility for Your Spouse’s Debts

  • Marrying your husband could also mean marrying his debt, unless you are protected by a prenup. Neglecting to draft a prenup that limits your debt liability could leave you responsible for the debt after your marriage ends.

Protect Your Family

  • A prenup is the place to address the needs of your family if a divorce should happen. If you have children from a previous relationship and want to know they will be provided for should you divorce, you can include them in the prenup. You can also protect a family heirloom, inheritance, and business in a prenup.

A variety of other complicated matters can also be included in your San Francisco prenup. Don’t let the things that are important to you go to your spouse if you end up divorcing him; keep them safe in a carefully constructed prenup created by an experienced attorney.

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