You and your ex have decided to live together, even though you are in the process of getting a San Francisco divorce. Neither of you can afford the mortgage on your own, and in today’s housing market, selling the home is almost impossible. Living together creates many logistics for you to figure out, including deciding who is responsible for the bills. 

Decide Together After Divorce

  • If your job and financial situations are the same as they were when you were married, staying with the same payment arrangements you had before the divorce may be an option. If circumstances have changed, you will have to decide who is better equipped to pay for the bills.

Receive Temporary Divorce Orders

  • If you are unable to come up with the decision on your own, you can request a motion to file for Temporary Orders. In these documents, a judge will decide who pays for what, including bills like utilities, car payments, credit cards, and mortgages. Once a judge decides who pays for the bills, you have to stick with his orders, or else you may face legal consequences.

Our Tiburon, CA Divorce Attorneys Are Here To Help You

Going through a San Francisco divorce is difficult for just about everyone. When you add the pressure of still living together to the mix, the divorce can become even more stressful. Protect yourself and fight for your rights by having an experienced attorney on your side.

The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan can help you navigate through this unchartered territory so that you can move on with your life. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.