You and your spouse have decided that it’s just not working anymore and you’re going to call it quits. The first matter you may have to resolve is where you’re going to live. Although many would think those getting divorces wouldn’t be able to stay in the same room together, some choose to continue their co-habitation. Here, a San Francisco divorce lawyer explains why.

  • Finances. It’s no secret that the economy and housing market are struggling. Couples are having difficult times paying their mortgages and bills related to their homes. When they split up, paying these bills on their own is nearly impossible. For this reason, many decide to live together to continue to help with the finances, at least until they are able to sell their homes.
  • Children. Parents will often stay under the same roof to help with the kids. They may stay living together because doing so is easier logistically, or because they are worried the children won’t be able to adjust to the new situations.
  • Emotional Attachment. The home is where memories are made. Maybe a couple’s house has been in the family for generations, or it is special because it’s the first place the couple’s children lived. Whatever the reason, maybe neither person wants to move because they are emotionally attached, so they figure out how to keep living together.

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