When you became married, both you and your husband had high-paying jobs. A few years into the marriage, your employer started to downsize and you were let go. Since your husband received a few raises throughout the years, he told you to stay home since he could support you financially. Now you are facing a Marin County divorce and are worried about the challenges you will face ahead.

You May Not Have an Income After the Divorce

You relied on your husband for just about every kind of support, including financial support. Now that you are getting a divorce, you may not have access to an income anymore. Although you may receive California spousal support, it may take some time before you can start receiving the money, particularly if your husband fights it.

You’ve Been Out of the Job Market

You may not have a problem with the idea of returning to the workforce, but that doesn’t mean finding a job will be easy. Since you haven’t worked in the last few years, you have a big hole in your resume now. This gap doesn’t look appetizing to most employers, partly because they may think you are out of touch with the new trends in your industry. They may also not believe your story of being a housewife and think you just haven’t been able to find a job.

Getting Your Own Place May Be Difficult

Many housewives make the mistake of leaving their names off of all the bills during the marriage. If you don’t have any credit cards or car loans in your name, you may not have any credit. Attempting to obtain a house or even an apartment may be challenging because of this.

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