Posted on Jun 03, 2019

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have been separated since 2017, but it looks like things are going to come to an end for good. 

The former Black Eyed Peas member, Fergie, has filed for divorce from Duhamel on Friday in Pasadena, California, according to reports. Fergie shares a son, five-year-old Axl Jack, with Duhamel.  

The singer also revealed that she and her husband had actually separated earlier in 2017 than previously known. The couple had been married for eight years, but have been together for 13. Fergie and Duhamel had started dating in September 2004 and tied the knot in January 2009.

 It doesn't come as a surprise that Fergie has finally taken the big step towards ending the relationship. In recent times, Duhamel had become public about stepping out with other much younger women. 

Duhamel, 46, was thought to be dating 'The Dirt' star Rebekah Graf, 36, after Tyler Blackburn of 'Pretty Little Liars' fame tagged the two of them kissing in an Instagram photo. But after this, Duhamel was spotted dining at Malibu's swanky Japanese spot Nobu with Miss World America 2016 Audra Mari, 25. 

While making an appearance on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast last year, Duhamel expressed his desire to expand his family. "I am not 30 years old anymore, I'm 45. I want to have more kids now, or in the next few years, so it's more about finding someone young enough to have kids," he said. "It's not as if I'm just out there trying to f*** anything, that's really not who I am. I'm not like that. I'm trying to find a girl who I can be with and have a family with, you know," he concluded. 

When appearing on 'The Wendy Williams Show' in October 2017 having announced her separation shortly before that, Fergie showed her vulnerable side. "It wasn't my plan. I wanted to stay together forever."

Despite their separation, the couple has remained committed to being co-parents, even spending time together for their son. In February, they went all out to create a winter wonderland for their son Jack by bringing in a snow machine so that the trio could go sledding down a large hill (despite LA's 60-degree temperatures).