Getting married to a narcissist was not something you meant to do. In fact, before you became husband and wife, you were blissfully happy. Even your wedding day was perfect: you exchanged nuptials at Flood Mansion in San Francisco, and you waved goodbye to your supportive family and friends as you drove off to go on your honeymoon.

Soon after the wedding, you noticed a change in your husband and discovered he is a narcissist. You learned just how selfish, controlling, manipulative, and downright cruel he could be. Now, you want a divorce, and you’re concerned about what to expect from him.

Assume Your Narcissistic Husband Will React Badly

Underneath that self-confident exterior, is a severely insecure person, who may experience feelings of extreme helplessness, injustice, and paranoia when you tell him that you are leaving. Because he feels he is losing control, he may subject you to the following:

  • Emotional abuse. The emotional abuse you suffered through the marriage isn’t likely to stop anytime soon, and it may get worse. Divorce is something your husband cannot control, and he will feel threatened and angered because of it. Expect to experience the same type of abuse you experienced when you were a couple. However, you now have the option to retreat to your own home, instead of staying and taking it.
  • Financial abuse. It is not uncommon for narcissistic men to use finances to control their wives. Now that you have made the decision to leave, your husband may attempt to cut off access to your bank accounts and credit cards, leaving you penniless and unable to support yourself.
  • Physical abuse. In order to make their wives suffer, narcissists may resort to physical abuse. Fortunately, you do not have to suffer through this; contact the police department and apply to receive a restraining order.

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