You and your husband talked about getting divorced a few years ago. Since then, you’ve been separated, but you just haven’t been willing to entirely pull the plug on the marriage. One of your biggest fears is that since he is wealthy, you will be left with nothing financially. However, allowing the marriage to stay in limbo can actually hurt you. Here, a San Francisco divorce attorney discusses why long separations aren’t always the best idea.

  • Long separations give your husband time to hide money. While you are deciding whether you want to begin the divorce process, your wealthy husband could be hiding his assets. He could use your time apart to make gaining access to your finances impossible, which means you could be left with nothing now and in the future.
  • Your husband's financial circumstances could change. Your husband has made lots of money throughout your entire marriage, but he may not always be so wealthy. If your husband’s financial situation changes for the worse by the time you get divorced, the amount of money you receive could become affected dramatically.
  • Your standard of living could change. In long separations, the way you live your life could change. You may not be able to afford the things you once could. The judge will determine how much alimony you receive based on your situation as it is in the present, not what it was in the past. Waiting to divorce could decrease your chances of receiving the alimony you need.

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