Rarely have I consulted with or represented a women involved in divorce, custody and/or a support matter who, according to the husband or father, is at fault for the couple’s problems no matter what he did.

This should not be shocking because history shows us that women are often blamed for problems in the relationship. For example, women bear the worry, emotional responsibility and the blame for infertility, still today. Women who struggle with infertility are bombarded with information on her body’s “malfunctions.”  This blame of infertility is rooted in centuries of superstition and shame.

The husband's or father's blame game is a common thread in all the cases we see. No matter what, the wife and/or mother is to blame for all of the problems with the marriage or custody or a support dispute. Likely, the opposite is true. Nonetheless, make sure you consult with an attorney who is experienced in handling a husband and/or father on the other side who plays the blame game.

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