The court granted you visitation rights for your children. However, your husband is the custodial parent and he is attempting to prevent you from seeing them. Although he may want you to think he has the final decision, it is up to the court. You have rights regarding your San Francisco child custody, and you may be able to enforce them by following the proper steps.

Make a Record

  • Write down the details every time your husband denies you visitation, including the day, time and his reasoning. Keep a journal of these events.

Contact the Police

  • If you have your court papers that state the terms of your visitation, contact the police and inform them of what your husband is doing.


File a Motion

  • File a motion with the court to fight against what your husband is doing. You may be able to ask the court to modify the custody order, enforce the custody order, or issue sanctions or other orders to prevent future violations.

File for Contempt

  • You may be able to take your husband to court for his denial of your visitation with your kids. The court may issue sanctions or force your husband to spend some time in jail.

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