Battling your ex-husband for houses, cars, or other assets is one thing. But, when it comes time to determine child custody, your divorce reaches a new level. Physical things can be bought again in the future, but your children are priceless. You love them and want to give them the best life possible away from bickering and bitterness. When it comes time to determine how custody will be shared between you and your ex, things can take an emotional and ugly turn.

As you start to discuss how custody will be handled, you and your ex may differ in your opinions of how custody should work. This can inspire your ex to play some tricks in order to gain custody of your kids. To help you prepare, it is a good idea to know the top tricks your ex may try.

Here are the top seven dirty tricks you should watch out for during your California child custody battle:

  1. Your ex may speak poorly about you to your children to get them to say negative things about you in court.
  2. Your ex may share unnecessary information about your divorce or custody hearing.
  3. Your ex may leave with the kids without giving you contact information for where they are staying.
  4. Your ex may speak badly about you to mutual friends to try to create division.
  5. Your ex may file extra motions in the court to delay the case and drain you emotionally and financially.
  6. Your ex may claim physical or emotional abuse toward your children.
  7. Your ex may interfere with your children’s extra-curricular activities.

As your child custody battle takes place, it can help to have a San Francisco child custody attorney on your side. Contact the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan today to learn more about how we can help you and protect you against these dirty tricks.

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