You Are Not Alone

When you became married, you never thought you would get a divorce. But after a decade of marriage—and too much time spent fighting—you and your husband have decided to call it quits.

At first you thought divorce would make your life easier, as you wouldn’t have to deal with the constant arguments, but now you feel unhappier. You weren’t prepared for the emotions you would experience. You aren’t sure how to get through them.

What You Feel Is Normal

Although things may look dark and bleak now, the reality is life will get better. The grief you feel now is normal, and by implementing a few pieces of advice, you can get through it and begin enjoying your life again.

Look to these hints to speed your recovery from the emotional wounds a divorce may cause:

  • Seek help. Divorce is often compared to a death—and it’s an apt comparison. A divorce terminates the life you once had and the relationship with which the person you had it with. Getting help from a therapist or from a religious organization, support group, or your friends can help you to talk about what you are feeling and begin to get through the grief.
  • Engage in new activities. Perhaps your husband was controlling and never wanted you to spend time outside of the home. Now is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and start enjoying the activities you’ve always wanted to, whether it’s joining a knitting circle, meeting a bike group at Golden Gate Bridge park, or giving time to a political or charitable organization.
  • Make new friends. Oftentimes friendships end when divorce begins, particularly when you are friends with a couple or the friend was first your ex’s. New room in your life gives you a chance to make new friends and begin new relationships with others.

We Can Help

The legal team of the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan specialize in helping women going through divorce. We only represent women in divorce matters because we understand they often don’t receive the legal help they deserve.

Contact us today through this website or by giving us a call, and you can speak with an attorney about your situation.

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