Co-parenting in the summer can be tough given the need to coordinate schedules with a father who may not want to oblige your vacations plans with your child.

This is a reason why you want a custody agreement that not only covers who will have physical custody of your child during the school year on particular days but provides a schedule for your child’s summer break.

You may also want to go on vacation with your child during his/her summer break.

There should be a provision for vacations in your custody schedule as well.

Make sure you have a lawyer who knows to have the school year custody schedule, a holiday schedule, summer break schedule and a vacation schedule.  You want these schedules to be a part of your custody agreement so there is no confusion as to what the custody agreement is.

Often times, I see custody agreements that are silent to who the child will spend time with during their summer break or no mention of vacation time for either parent. Those agreements are ridiculous and will cause future problems.

Make sure you have a comprehensive custody agreement that includes a schedule for summer and vacations.

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