Asking for child support can be a very emotional endeavor. On one hand, you know you need the support to care for your children properly, and on the other hand, you don't want to be perceived as "greedy."

You can rest easy knowing that asking for help in supporting your child or children is not greedy. It is responsible parenting.

In family court, the judge will determine how much child support is appropriate based on California state law, which looks at the income of both parents and the percentage of time the children are with each parent. A child support order can be temporary during the course of a divorce, or it can be permanent after a marriage ends.

Modifying an Existing Order for Child SupportMarin County CA Child Support Lawyer

You may already be receiving child support in Marin County, but what happens if something in one of the parents' lives changes and the current support amount isn't working out anymore? Examples of this would be if your custody arrangement changed and you now have sole legal and physical custody, or if your ex-husband was laid off and no longer has a reliable source of income.

Change happens regularly in life. The younger your children are, the greater the chance that changing circumstances will require a modification in child support at some point before they are of legal age. The main reasons a modification might be requested include:

  • One or both of the parents are earning a lot more, or a lot less money (this does not apply if a parent quit his or her job)
  • The child custody agreement has changed in some way
  • A parent is serving in the military or has been deployed overseas

While these situations are the most common triggers for a child support modification, the courts will consider any significant changes in parents’ lives. If both parents are able to agree on the change ahead of time, they can sign a stipulation that must be filed with the court. If there is a disagreement about the modification, the matter will go to court and a judge will decide.

Get Help From a Marin County Family Law Attorney

It is one thing to know that you need to file for child support, but it's another thing to actually do it successfully. The system can be very challenging to navigate and extremely confusing at times. When it comes to securing the support you need to raise your children properly, don't go into it alone. Seek help from a professional California child support attorney and let him guide and represent you.

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