Most do not realize that abuse extends to economic and financial abuse. Abuse takes many forms and includes economic and financial abuse.

Economic or Financial Abuse: This is abuse when your access to your finances is controlled solely by your husband. Putting you on an allowance is a form of economic abuse. Taking your income is another. Telling you that you cannot look for a job, keeping you from working, or not allowing you to seek or further your education are further examples of economic/financial abuse. Taking out credit cards or lines of credit in your name fits into this category of abuse.

Many women who come to our office have never seen the full scope of their finances because their husbands had control of the finances. This is not acceptable. This is your money too.

Coercive Control in Divorce

Just this past January the law changed to include the term “coercive control” as a form of abuse that requires protection through the issuance of a domestic violence restraining order. Economic and Financial Abuse is a form of coercive control.

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