The California area is full of women and men who have been extremely lucky in the finance department. Unfortunately, they might not have the same type of fortune when it comes to love.

According to statistics, wealthy women are far less likely to remarry after divorce than wealthy men. In fact, when asked, 83 percent of divorced rich men said they would like to get married again, while only 32 percent of formerly married women would walk down the aisle a second time.

Why Are Wealthy Women Less Likely to Remarry?

With such a huge difference among the percentages, many wonder why women are so hesitant to remarry. Here, Bay Area divorce attorney Paul H. Nathan gives possible reasons.

  • Men find being alone more difficult. It seems that men are more likely to give marriage another try because they don’t want to be alone. Women, on the other hand, don’t have as much of a problem being alone as men do.
  • Women can’t tolerate being used for money. No one wants to be used; however, women seem to like it much less than men do. A woman’s ego usually cannot tolerate being used by a man for money. She wants to be loved, flaws and all, no matter what her checkbook says. For this reason, she is much less likely to go into a relationship again.
  • Women typically don’t want to earn the most in a relationship. Women often become resentful when they have the higher income in relationships. They typically expect their partners to make as much, if not more, so that they feel the financial burden is the same on both ends and they aren’t always paying for everything.

Our Marin Divorce Attorneys Can Protect You in This Situation

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