You probably know if you married to a narcissist and that is why you are here.  Your husband is likely someone who is self-centered, believes he is wonderful, wants everyone to know he is wonderful and claims you are the cause for all the problems in his life and you cause the destruction of the marriage. His theme to the world: He is wonderful and you are terrible!

A narcissistic husband is an extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance.  Put another way, he believes he is wonderful no matter how he terribly he treats you or your children. 

A Narcissistic husband is overly concerned with how the outside world sees his him and is the victim but is willing to treat you and the children terribly. 

Plainly stated, a narcissistic husband is a bully. And, he knows he can bully you. 

The most common traits we see in narcissist husbands is a husband who is always the victim, is a bully, wants everyone to think he is wondaful and any discord in the marriage is your fault. A narcissistic husband never accepts responsibility for his own actions. 

Often a narcissist husband wants to be heard by the judge because he thinks the judge will agree with your husband’s claim that he is the victim. He will want his friends, if he has any true friends, to listen to his sorrows and feel sorry for him because you are the cause of all the marriage problems. 

Your narcissist husband is charming and can convince your mutual friends to side with him.

We know how to handle Narcissist Husbands

First, your husband will not bully us. Narcissists only manipulate, are passive-aggressive and bully the ones they know will take it, you. Reason being, bullies are cowards.

Second, you may think your husband is the most charming man in the world. You must have thought so at one time because you married him. We don’t care. 

On a weekly basis, we deal with at least one of the  “most charming husband’s in the world.” Let us break it to you. He is not charming to us. 

Not all Lawyers are Created Equal

Not all lawyers are equipped to handle a narcissist. 

You will need a lawyer who is stubborn and will not be worn down by your husband’s antics. 

For example, we had a case where we made a reasonable settlement offer to the narcissist husband’s attorney at the outset of the case. For two years the narcissist kept countering our reasonable settlement was unacceptable proposals. We said, “No.” Finally, the narcissist realized we were not going to change our position and was tired of paying legal fees and accepted our original offer. 

You need a lawyer who hold the narcissist accountable.

Your lawyer needs to be ready at every turn in your case to hold your narcissist husband accountable for his actions. For example, our office insists on our clients informing us immediately if their narcissist shows up late for a custody exchange or does not pay a reimbursable expense on time or constantly is changing the terms of an agreement. 

You need a lawyer who will deal with this erratic and manipulative behavior. 

Every case we have involves a narcissist husband. Feel free to contact our office at 415-341-1144 should you want to schedule a consultation with Mr. Nathan. Then, we can meet and decide if we all want team up and work together for results in your divorce, custody and/or support matter. 


Narcissistic Husband