After your relationship with the father of your child ends, you go to court to establish fair and just compensation to care for your children. The financial burden of raising children alone is immense. Without your California child support payments, your family risks not being able to pay the monthly bills and eat proper meals. The payments made by your ex are meant to cover these basic expenses. When the child support payments are late, you and your children face extreme difficulty.

One solution to receiving the money you are entitled to as deemed by the court is to seek legal aid. With the help of a child support attorney in San Francisco, you get legal help in fighting back against months without necessary payments. Here are three ways you can get relief and collect on unpaid child support:

  1. File a motion to determine how much is owed. The first thing you will do with your California child support attorney is determine just how much you are owed. Then, you will file a motion with the court to solidify that this is the past-due amount you are entitled to.
  2. Determine the amount of interest owed on late payments. Because payments are delayed, you may encounter late fees and interest rates on the bills that were to be paid with your child support check. Your lawyer will work with you and the court to determine how much interest your ex must pay because of his late payments.
  3. File to have your legal fees covered. You should not have to pay for the mistakes of your ex. Your attorney will file to have your legal fees covered by your ex in addition to the amount already owed.

If you are battling your ex to collect court-ordered child support payments, you don’t have to go it alone. Contact the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan to put a San Francisco child support lawyer on your side and fight back. With our help, you can get the payments you and your family desperately need to move forward and live a more comfortable life.

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