Your spouse decided to move out of state after your San Francisco divorce. Ever since he has disappeared, so have his child support payments. You gave him some time to get settled, but he still hasn’t resumed with his obligation. Fortunately, even though he has moved out of California, you may still be able to receive the support he owes.

Automatic Wage Withholding

  • Federal law requires that all states have an automatic income withholding program for the collection of child support. The custodial parent can send a copy of the child support order and request that a certain amount is deducted from the parent’s paycheck each pay period. Employers must report new hires to their state’s child support enforcement agency, which often makes collection easier.

Interception of Tax Refund

  • If you are owed more than $500 in child support and have contacted the state’s child support enforcement agency for help, or if you are owed at least $150 and receive welfare, the child support enforcement agency in California will contact the US Department of Treasury. The IRS will then take out the money that is owed to you from your spouse’s tax refund, or at least some of it.

No matter where your ex-spouse runs after your San Francisco divorce, he won’t be able to hide and get out of paying child support. The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan have helped clients just like you get the justice and child support they are deserved.

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