In California, a judge uses a specific guideline with five main factors to determine the amount of San Francisco child support your ex-spouse must pay. This is done to ensure unity for all people responsible for paying child support, as well as to ensure that the judge has a realistic view of what it costs a single parent to provide for a child.

While it is important to maintain a sense of unity across all cases in order to act fairly under the child support laws in California, no two homes are the same or face the exact same financial obligations. Because of this, California judges are able to take into account a few discretionary add-ons that can supplement the amount an ex-spouse must pay in child support.

Here are the three discretionary add-ons a judge may consider in your child support case in San Francisco:

  • Educational Needs. These are special costs related to a child’s education. In most cases, both parties must document in writing that they both agree to these extra costs for their child’s education before a judge will consider them in additional child support.

  • Special Needs. If a child faces unique challenges or disabilities that require her to receive special care, a judge may include this additional cost in the child support figure.
  • Travel Expenses. If you share custody with your ex-spouse, there may be significant travel expenses involved. These travel expenses may be considered in child support if a child must fly or drive long distances to see their other parent for visitation.

The discretionary add-ons can be very complicated. Contact a San Francisco child support lawyer at 866-414-4091 for help knowing if you are eligible for any additional child support money and the best approach to presenting your need to the judge to receive this extra payment.

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