Some couples have no choice but to keep living together during a San Francisco divorce. Often it is for financial reasons, or because their children are having a difficult time adapting to the change. Not all couples are able to live together without having their share of problems. However, you may be able to do so peacefully if you keep a few things in mind.

Have a Talk

  • Lack of communication is often the cause of many failed marriages. However, you may be able to avoid awkwardness, hostility, and frustration towards each other if you sit down and have a conversation about your situation. Understand that living together may be different at first, but since you have no other options, making the best out of it will advantageous for all involved.

Respect Each Other’s Space

  • While it’s true you are living together, you are not a couple. You don’t have the right to go though each other’s property anymore, such as wallets and purses. Set limits and stick to them to avoid problems.

Avoid Dating

  • There’s not much that can anger an ex more than seeing his former wife flaunting a new relationship in front of him. Avoid dating while you are still living with your ex. Finding out you are involved with someone else will likely cause anger, stress, and hostility, which can make living together peacefully impossible.

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