You’ve decided that now is the time to leave your narcissist husband. You have a feeling that leaving will be the easy part, and you’re right. It’s what you may have to deal with afterwards that is the most difficult. Here, a San Francisco divorce lawyer prepares you for what to expect after divorcing your narcissistic husband.

He Wants to Set the Rules

  • If you have children, you can bet he will want to run the show when it comes to making decisions on visitation, child support, and basically anything having to do with them. Narcissists need to be in control of everything, and the terms of your divorce are no exception.

He Will Make You Feel Guilty

  • Your husband won’t be able to accept that you are leaving him, and in retaliation, he will attempt to make you feel guilty, likely by using your children. He’ll say it is your fault the kids are upset about the split, and that you are causing the family pain.

Just Remember Why You Left

  • Marriage to a narcissist is often abusive, damaging, and no way to live. Keep this in mind with every challenge you face. In the end, you and your children will be better off if you are no longer married to this person.

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