Alimony is meant to help you restart your life after your divorce, but without it, your restart may be sluggish at best. There may be a number of reasons your husband isn’t paying you what you’re owed, but that doesn’t change your need for spousal support.

You may have made several attempts to remind your ex-husband of his legal obligation to pay you, but those reminders haven’t resulted in payment. Going back to court to get what’s yours may be next in order.

Heading Back to Court to Get Your Due

Going back to court isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get your money. Once you’re back in court, even if your ex-husband is employed, the court may determine he doesn’t have sufficient funds or assets to allow him to pay the alimony already past due. In such cases, a judge may order any of the following:

  • Suspension of his driver’s license
  • Suspension of his professional license, such as a law, insurance, or medical license
  • Garnishment of wages from his employer
  • Offsets against his state and/or federal tax returns
  • Denial of his passport
  • Attaching and garnishing his IRA’s and other financial accounts
  • Reduction of the alimony to a money judgment

While these measures will definitely hit your ex where it hurts, they don’t exactly amount to an immediate money payment placed in your hand. To ensure the best outcome for you, you may need professional legal help.

What to Do and What Not to Do: Alimony Questions You Can’t Answer Alone

Knowing what to ask for to secure your overdue spousal support requires a professional knowledge of the best options available to you. Asking for the wrong “solution” to gain your back-owed alimony could amount to a modification of your alimony sum and you could receive less spousal support in the long run.

Don’t try to navigate this kind of situation on your own. Our team of San Francisco spousal support lawyers at the Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan helps women like you survive and thrive after divorce. Call us today to schedule an appointment, 415-341-1144.

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