California Family Code § 4330(b) states:

When making an order for spousal support, the court may advise the recipient of support that he or she should make reasonable efforts to assist in providing for his or her support needs…”

You gave up your career to support your spouse and raise children. Twelve years later, you are getting divorced. You have no marketable skills. What will you do? Will you always be dependent on your ex?

California rehabilitative spousal support is designed to help the spouse with less earning potential to seek the education, training, or experience needed to reach financial independence. It can give you a goal, and it can give you hope. It can allow you to make a clean break in the future.

Twelve years ago, you were a database programmer, but the computing world has changed. Between babies, soccer practice, and volunteering in the classroom, you didn’t have the time to keep up. What do you want to do now? Do you want to brush up your computing skills? Do you want to try something different? Maybe earn that teaching degree that you’ve been thinking of?

Think about your goals, and think about the training you will need. You may only need a year of schooling to be a marketable programmer, while teaching will take several years of classes if you go part time. Talk to your San Francisco divorce attorney about your goals and the associated costs. Will you need to pay for training? Will you be eligible for financial aid?

Rehabilitative spousal support can be used to help you reach those goals. You add the cost of training into your request for spousal support. The amount of support then decreases when you finish training and find a job. You get a fresh start, and your spouse also wins.

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