When it comes time to determine how much is fair and just for you to receive as a California child support payment, you and your ex-husband will more than likely disagree on the amount. You may feel that you need more to protect your children and give your family the best life possible. Your ex-husband may not realize how much it costs to raise your children so may be more inclined to give you less.

Ultimately, it is the San Francisco child support court that will rule on how much you should receive in child support each month. To do this, they ask for a statement of income and expenses. This is where your ex could possibly pull a sneaky and unlawful trick to get out of having to pay you what you need to raise your children.

Here Are Three Tricky Child Support Loopholes He Could Use:

  1. Sell assets and keep the cash. When you divide up your assets, such as furniture, artwork, or any other high-cost item, you give your ex-spouse the opportunity to sell these pieces and keep the income from them. If your ex does sell the pieces for cash and does not report the income, then your ex could have more money than the court realizes—and that could lower how much you receive each month.

  2. Empty bank accounts to make income look lower. The statement that your ex provides the court regarding income levels is considered a legal document. However, some men try to empty the bank accounts and keep their funds in cash so that the court cannot see how much money they have, making it easier for them to lower their monthly payments to you.

  3. Rack up account balances on credit cards. Credit card bills are seen as an expense. Your ex can charge a high balance on his credit cards to make it look like he is not able to pay as much to you and your family each month.

These tricks are illegal, but some spouses still try to get away with them. If you are unsure if your ex-spouse is doing something like this, it is important to talk to your Marin County California child support attorney to protect you and your family.

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