Prenups Don't Mean Divorce

You’ve worked hard all of your life to get where you are today. You have a home, money in the bank, and a promising future. It wouldn’t make sense just to throw it all away, would it? If you don’t get a San Francisco prenup before you get married, however, that’s just what could happen. Having a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean you think the marriage will end; it just means you are a smart woman who is protecting herself.

Divorce Rates

  • It’s a sad but true fact: nearly half of American marriages end in divorce, yet only five to seven percent of the couples obtain prenups. This means that the lives that so many people worked hard for as single adults could be thrown down the drain if they aren’t protected by a prenup.

Prenups Don’t Predict Divorce

  • Many are under the assumption that if you get a prenup, you plan on getting a divorce. Just about no one gets married thinking they will get a divorce. If they did, they probably wouldn’t get married in the first place. Having a prenup is a smart business decision because in reality, there is a possibility that you might not live happily ever after.

You’re not a pessimist for wanting a San Francisco prenup; you’re a realist who is smart about protecting your future. Don’t put everything you’ve worked so hard for in jeopardy by not having an agreement drafted.

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