Women going through divorce are often presented with the choice of keeping the marital home, having their husband buy their ownership in the home or selling the home. The accompanying article discusses whether keeping the marital home is in your best interests post-divorce.

Many of our clients want to keep the marital home to make the transition to post divorce life as easier on their children. Here, in the Bay Area, homes are very expensive compared to the rest of the country making keeping the home all that more difficult. To the contrary, many women do not want to lose the equity acquired through owning the home.

Our office works with our clients to determine if it is possible for them to keep the marital home should they want to. Fortunately, Mr. Nathan is familiar with the costs of owning property in the Bay Area and can shed light on the expected expenses above and beyond the monthly mortgage payments and property taxes.

Paul Nathan’s family has owned real estate in the Bay Area for over 100 years. As a result, he has contacts he shares with our clients in the mortgage industry who have access to funding and who are more understanding to our clients than the average bank, insurance agents, plumbers and repair people, accountants any other necessary tools needed to retain your home post-divorce.

We work with our clients to determine if keeping the marital home is in their best interest. Or, in the alternative, what other avenues are available i.e., selling the home and investing the proceeds, selling and buying a less expensive property, etc…

Do not hesitate to contact our office should you want to consult with Mr. Nathan on the decision about whether to keep the marital home or other alternatives at 415-341-1144.

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