Although being married to a narcissist is difficult, divorcing one can be even worse. These types of men often go out of their way to make their ex-wives’ lives miserable and will do all they can to show that they have power over them. However, you don’t have to put up with it anymore; by taking swift action against your ex-husband, you can come out on top.

How to Gain a Measure of Control

Following are some proactive things you can do to make your interactions with your ex-husband go more smoothly:

  • Avoid direct communication. You won’t have much reason to communicate with your ex-husband if you don’t have kids together, but if you do, avoid talking to him as much as possible. He will likely continue to try to put you down and make you miserable after the divorce. Obtain court orders to limit your contact, if needed.
  • Respond quickly. If your ex-husband goes against the terms of your divorce, don’t wait to see if he will straighten up. Instead, respond quickly to his negligence. For instance, if he misses a month of paying child support, go to the court and file a contempt action immediately. Issue a wage garnishment and levy accounts if you have to. Showing him that you won’t tolerate that kind of behavior may prevent it from happening again.
  • Make custody exchanges as painless as possible. Some ex-husbands will use custody exchanges as a time to berate and upset their former wives. Therefore, instead of dropping your children off at his house in Sausalito, arrange the exchange to take place at a neutral setting, such as Lafayette Elementary School in San Francisco. Doing so could prevent him from verbally abusing you in front of your kids.

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