In the beginning, when you first met your husband, he may have seemed like a dream come true, and he likely wanted to spend all his free time with you. At first it may have seemed perfect and engaging, even flattering. As time passed together, you may not have noticed him taking over your life. Once married, his virtual grip tightened over you and your life.

To determine whether your husband is abusive and controlling, answer the questions below. The more you answer “yes,” the more likely it is that you’re married to a controlling man.

Does Your Husband…

  • Control your whereabouts?
  • Control how your can spend your time?
  • Demand your compliance to meet his expectations, whatever those may be?
  • Limit your access to your friends and family?
  • Restrict your access to the car, your phone or a phone, and to money?
  • Constantly check up on you?
  • Act jealous and possessive of you?
  • Treat you so badly in front of others, it has embarrassed you?
  • Yell at you?
  • Call you names?
  • Humiliate you?
  • Ignore or belittle your accomplishments or opinions?
  • Threaten to discard or destroy your belongings?
  • Threaten to hurt you, or even kill you?
  • Threaten to take your children from you or to harm them?
  • Force you to be intimate with him?
  • Blame you for his own abusive and controlling behavior?

Indeed, this is a lengthy laundry list of signs; we could go on and on with the list. Any combination of those we’ve listed could indicate you’re in an abusive and controlling relationship.

One of the worst and most telling signs is if you fear your husband. If you always feel like you’re walking on eggshells, constantly trying to be careful, watching what you say, doing anything to avoid conflict, you’re married to a controlling man.

Do not feel bad if you’re only now beginning to see the light: it’s better late than never. Although you may be unsure as to how you wound up with such a man, to realize you’re married to a controlling husband is the first step in finding a way to live without him.

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If you know someone who lives in the shadow of a controlling spouse, we encourage you to share this information with her.

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