You need child support. While you hate to rely on your ex, the truth is that raising a child is expensive. You need California child support to make ends meet. 

Your ex resents sending you a check each month. He wants control. He feels that he should have a say in how the child support payment is spent. He wants a listing of each transaction you make with the money and proof that it’s going to your daughter. Does he have a right to demand accountability?

No. In California, custodial parents are not required to give an accounting of how child support money is spent to the parent who pays the support. Your ex may bluster and threaten to cut off payments, but he has no legal leg to stand on. You may use child support for any expense necessary for your child’s care and well-being. This includes rent, utilities, and even gas for your car.

The amount of basic child support that your ex-spouse must pay was calculated based on a complex formula that considered each parent's disposable monthly income and the amount of time each parent spends caring for the child. California courts may award add-on support payments for expenses such as work-related childcare, education, extracurricular activities, medical needs, and travel costs associated with visitation. The child support payments cannot be changed without a petition to the court.

If your ex is making it difficult for you to use child support payments to meet the needs of your daughter, we suggest that you contact a San Francisco child support attorney

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