"When I found myself in a legal dilemma that required reaching an agreement with someone with whom I was in complete disagreement, I realized I was at risk of losing a great deal more than just money ...  with Paul Nathan as my attorney, I believe I got the best possible settlement I could have hoped for.  His ability to remain at ease and in control throughout the negotiations helped me to stand fast on those terms that I felt strongly about... his expert understanding of the legal process as well as his ability to recognize the tricks and tactics known only to a seasoned insider was most reassuring… even during the most stressful moments, he was able get me grounded and gently guide my thinking back to where I needed to focus. 

In the days after the settlement had been reached, Paul stayed available to help me through the process and to make sure that the terms of the agreement were being met... all in all, I feel very fortunate to have been represented by Paul Nathan and I would highly recommend his services."

Cathy C.