Posted on Nov 12, 2013

Tom Cruise recently admitted that Katie Holmes divorced him in order to protect their daughter, Suri, from Scientology.

Tom Cruise made the admission while he was being deposed in a lawsuit he brought against tabloid magazines. The magazines had published articles claiming that Tom Cruise had abandoned his daughter after the divorce from Holmes was finalized. Cruise says that is completely false.

In June 2012, after 6 years of marriage, Cruise and Holmes divorced. The divorce was reported to be amicable. However, no details of the settlement have been made public.

Holmes and Cruise have stated publicly that they are both dedicated to being committed parents to their daughter.

The articles Cruise is suing over were tiled, “He chose Scientology over Suri for good.”; "Suri in Tears, Abandoned by Her Dad"; and "Suri's Emotional Struggle." The stories were published in Life & Style and In Touch magazines.

Suri now lives mainly with her mother, Katie Holmes, in New York.  Recently, Suri was spotted with her mother in South Africa, where Holmes is filming a movie with Taylor Swift.

It’ll be the first time a celebrity has prevailed in a lawsuit against tabloids if Cruise is triumphant in his lawsuit.


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