Posted on Nov 01, 2013

A Colorado man took his and his wife's life savings of $500,000 and exchanged it into solid gold. This man then took the gold and tossed it into the trash with the idea that his wife would not be able to recover any of the money or gold in a divorce settlement.

However, that's assuming the husband actually threw the life savings away. I have heard of such outlandish stories. But, when I dug a little deeper I found airline tickets to Switzerland in the husband's name. Not suprisingly, the airline tickets were for flights to the secretive banking nation right around the time the husband claims to have thrown all the money away.

Eventually, we found the bank where the husband deposited the money and were able to recover the wife's portion of the funds.

Nonetheless, never disregard what an angry husband will do to try and get his wife back for leaving him.


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