Posted on Dec 09, 2012

Halle Berry and her former boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, have been fighting a very public, bitter child custody battle in California recently. Surprisingly, the feuding couple has finally reached an agreement. Sources close to the couple say that they finally struck a deal because they didn't want to have to get court-appointed psych tests that are typical in volatile situations like theirs (Aubry fought Berry's fiancé in a Thanksgiving day fist fight).

They deal they've agreed upon says that they will share custody for now, but that if something bad happens, they could both lose that temporary custody. One of the sources say that Aubry has criminal liability from the Thanksgiving fight and he doesn't want to lose his $20,000 a month in child support, so he was motivated to strike a deal. It is thought that although making a deal makes everything a little easier now, they will still probably be monitored by family court and a court-designated legal representative for the four-year-old child.

The custody battle took a turn for the worse recently when Berry asked the court for permission to relocate to Paris with her daughter, Nahla, and fiancé, Oliver Martinez. Martinez primarily lives in Paris and Berry also told the judge that the paparazzi in Los Angeles are too dangerous for her daughter. The judge ultimately decided to reject her bid.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, it seems like Halle, Gabriel and Oliver are all trying to move forward in a positive way so that no further damage is done to Nahla.

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