Posted on Apr 22, 2013

NFL player Kordell Stewart is accusing ex-wife Porsha Williams of drinking too much. An English study says the number of divorces due to female drinking is on the rise.

Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams are not having a friendly divorce. Last month, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Williams filed a motion stating that her husband had locked her out of their Atlanta mansion while another woman was in the shared home. Williams had to call the police before she was let in.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Kordell Stewart retaliated by filing court documents saying  that Porsha Williams spent too much time partying and often came home in the early mornings, smelling of alcohol. He also accused her of staying away several days in a row. Stewart claimed that he locked the home against intruders and that the “other woman” was his 10-year-old son’s nanny, whom he hired because Williams was spending too much time partying and neglecting her step-mother duties.

Stewart, who filed divorce papers on March 22, is part of a growing trend of men who are seeking divorce because they believe that their wives drink too much. British divorce attorney Amanda McAlister says that she has seen a significant increase in divorce cases that are blamed on women’s drinking. Some of these divorces are due to social drinking. She says that women are no longer waiting patiently at home while their husbands are out, and men don’t like that. The husbands are considering wives who go out drinking with their friends to be negligent in their household duties.

Other women drink to cope with emotional problems, such as stress or depression. 

In February, a study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health found that heavy drinking and incompatible drinking (where one spouse drinks significantly more alcohol than the other) increase the chance of divorce.

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