Posted on Feb 25, 2013

A court date has been set in the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce in California.

After only 72 days of marriage, the couple called it quits in October 2011. Their divorce has already consumed a year and a half of the couple’s lives with bitter disputes. On May 6, 2013, Kardashian and Humphries will meet in court to negotiate the terms of the divorce and move forward with finalizing the paperwork.

Humphries has vocalized his feelings about the divorce, and his unhappiness with how the marriage ended was clear. After Kardashian filed for divorce, Humphries countered her filing with a request for an annulment based on the grounds that the marriage was a fraud. Kardashian denied that the marriage was for show and is proceeding with filing for divorce.

The May 6 trial date was set after two judges ruled that Humphries’ California divorce attorney would have enough time to gather the evidence needed to present his case. Maller requested a delay to wait until the end of the NBA regular season, but the request was denied. According to the judge in the case, law enforcement, police, and firefighters also have to miss work to attend their court hearings, so Humphries is expected to do the same.

After the court hearing, Humphries’ California divorce lawyer withdrew from the case for unknown reasons. Still, he is hoping to review 13,000 hours of footage from Kardashian’s reality television show that may help Humphries prove that the relationship was a fraud.

Kardashian is perhaps the most anxious to finalize her divorce. She has publicly moved forward in a new relationship with rapper Kanye West. The new couple is expecting their first child together in July. Kardashian has openly expressed her desire to end her marriage with Humphries before she gives birth.

We send our best wishes to both parties and hope for an amicable resolution.

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