Posted on Dec 22, 2012

Cal Worthington, the 92-year-old former owner of more than two dozen auto dealerships in Southern California, is in a bitter divorce battle with his fourth wife, Anna Worthington. Anna, a 41-year-old singer from Iceland, filed for divorce in December 2011 after being married to Cal for only eight months.

Cal was smart enough to require a prenuptial agreement, but Anna is still fighting for a piece of Cal's fortune. Her attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is saying that she is entitled to half of a $3 million mansion in Beverly Hills that was purchased during their marriage. However, Cal's attorney, Stephen Kolodny, reminded the court that Anna signed a prenuptial agreement that entitled her to only $30,000 in spousal support Anna's lawyer feels she deserves half the cost of the mansion because it was supposed to be a community loan and on community obligation.

Cal's lawyer also alleges that Anna took money from shared accounts and moved it into private accounts—to the tune of more than $200,000. Anna's lawyer says that she was never told that she had any spending restrictions and Cal placed money in the account for her to use however she wanted to.

Mr. Worthington became a local celebrity in Southern California for his memorable car commercials, but he is looking forward to the end of this whole yearlong ordeal. He says, "I wouldn't wish this on anybody. This divorce thing is horrible."

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