Custody is often the most contentious and litigated part of a divorce.  Thus, California custody cases, on their own, are often full of animus and anger.

As a result, the question of where to exchange your children during a custody exchange is a common question we see in our office.  The location of the custody exchange can lead to major disagreements.

Where to Exchange Custody of Children 

The default location is outside of yours and your children’s father’s house.  And, this is great if you have a rationale father of your children.  The problem is, we do not often handle cases with rational fathers.  Therefore, custody exchanges at yours or your children’s father’s house are not a good idea.  The reason being, arguments ignite easily especially in a private location like a home.

We often recommend custody exchanges in a designated public place should you have concern for an argument starting during the exchange or, very importantly, you are concerned for your safety around the father.

For example, outside public libraries or a police stations are great public locations for custody exchanges.  You want to choose a place where people are going to be around.  The father is less likely to start an argument with others around.  Plus, you want people around in case the father begins yelling or threatening you.  You want witnesses and people who will contact the police if need be.

You also want to make sure the place for the exchange is open at the exchange times. For instance, check the library’s hours to make sure the library is open during the designated time for the exchange. There’s no point in a custody exchange at a public location if that location has nobody there because it is closed.

Police stations are great because they are generally open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Nonetheless, confirm that the police station is open during custody exchanges if you live in a small town.  For example, the Belvedere Police Department near my house is only open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  An exchange there on Saturday will not help you.

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