We have compiled a variety of links related to family law that should help you in your search for information. We have only chosen reputable sites, such as ones run by government organizations. We hope they point you in the right direction as you read about divorce, child custody, child support, or spousal support.


  • California Courts: The Basics of Divorce: This website, maintained by the Judicial Branch of the State of California, provides basic information about what you need to know about filing for divorce in the state of California.

Child Custody

  • California Courts – Child Custody: The California Courts provide an introduction to issues of child custody and parenting time (visitation). This discussion includes a valuable section of answers to frequently asked questions.

Child Support

  • California Courts – Child Support: In California, both parents have the obligation to see that their children have sufficient financial support for a healthy and happy childhood. Here, the state Judicial Branch provides information about child support orders during separation and after divorce. Topics examined include calculating child support obligations, modification of judicial orders, the duty to provide medical support, and more.

Spousal Support

  • California Courts – Spousal/Partner Support: Here is information about starting spousal or domestic partner support. This web page includes information about calculating support amounts, the factors the judge takes into consideration, and more. 

 General Family Law

  • California Family Code: The Legislative Counsel of California maintains the official website for California legislative information, including the text of statutes. This section is devoted to the California Family Code, the basic set of laws governing family relationships in the state.
  • The Superior Court of San Francisco, CA – Unified Family Court: The Unified Family Court in San Francisco County handles divorce, legal separation, child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation, and mediation.