Marriage Counselor Ahead of Her Time: Rest In Peace Dear Abby (1918 – 2013)

The woman behind Dear Abby has died at the age of 94. It was 58 years ago this month she launched her famous column at the San Francisco Chronicle. Pauline Friedman Phillips was a housewife in Hillsborough and approached the Chronicle with the idea for an advice column. Then, Dear Abby was born.

Dear Abby was a sort of therapist ahead of her time where people could write in for advice on pressing and stressful events in their lives, like a divorce, custody or a support battle.

Remember, there are plenty of excellent therapists who can assist you through a difficult time in your life, like your family law case. Lastly, keep at the forefront of your thoughts that you will survive this difficult time. Try and keep your head up.

As my mother reminds me when I'm confronted with adversity, “You will survive because there is no other option.”


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