After years of marriage to an abusive, narcissistic husband, you have finally decided to leave. You have had enough of his selfish and demeaning behavior, not to mention the emotional and physical abuse he puts you through. Divorce is difficult enough, but when it involves a narcissist, it can become downright excruciating. However, with preparation and planning, you can protect yourself during your divorce.

How to Keep Yourself and Your Children Safe

If you are worried about your safety or the safety of your children once you bring up the subject of divorce, you may wish to take one or both of the following steps:

  • Move out of the house. If you are concerned that your husband might retaliate with physical violence, moving out of the home you share in the Presidio Heights neighborhood in San Francisco before the divorce proceedings begin could be a good option. Although doing so requires careful preparation and expert timing, it offers protection for you and your children.
  • Obtain a domestic violence restraining order. Some narcissistic husbands use physical violence as a way of controlling their wives. After they beat them down with their words, they often resort to hurting them with their hands. A domestic violence restraining order may prevent your husband from retaliating against you when you begin the divorce proceedings. Even if domestic violence is not something you experience regularly, you should obtain a restraining order to help protect yourself if your husband does become physical with you or your children. Visit your local police department to speak with an officer about obtaining the order.

Our Marin California Divorce Lawyers Can Help You With The Next Step

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